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1. What Does My Name BONESTEEL Meaning?
An occupational name with North German origin from the word Bohnestiel which means a bean grower. Used also to describe a very tall person.

2. What Does My Name GARCIA Meaning?
This is a very common name in the States with allusions to a lot of families. The very name has its meanings in Old Spanish meaning to be brave in battle.

3. What Does My Name WHISTON Meaning?
It is considered a habitational name that originated from the various places named Whiston. The meaning, from Old English, means a white stone.

What does my name mean

4. What Does My Name CRUISE Meaning?
An annotation to the cross, it came about as a result of the Anglo-Norman period of time. A lot of famous celebrities sport this name prominent among whom is Tom Cruise.

5. What Does My Name BUHR Meaning?
A name originating from Low German-derived from the word "bauer." It was used to mean a farmer. It, therefore, is an occupational name.

6. What Does My Name MCCOLE Meaning?
The name is derived from the name Nicholas. In Greek word NIKAN which means to conquer. It is used as a surname than a given name.

7. What Does My Name DINOVO Meaning?
It is a name of Latin origin derived from the expression "de novo." In Latin, it means "of new" but in English, the expression is used to mean "from the beginning."

8. What Does My Name DOBOSZ Meaning?
Came from a Jewish origin. It means courageous or noble. The beginning of this name came from the old Slavic dobie.

9. What Does My Name FAWN Meaning?
Fauna was the Greek goddess of fertility and nature. It also refers to a young deer. This name signifies unrivaled vitality and power along with innocence in an individual.

10. What Does My Name IBARRA Meaning?
This is a unique name with its origin in the Basque history. The term means a 'valley' or 'a plain by the river'. People with this name have proven to be successful in politics and sports. All in all, a very successful name.

What does my name mean

11. What Does My Name HANNI Meaning?
This name came from the name Hannah. It means Grace or the one who is favored by God. This is a very nice girl's name.

12. What Does My Name OVERTON Meaning?
This name is an English habitational name which means enclosure or settlement. From Old English, it means riverbank or slope. It is from an old word UFERA meaning upper.

13. What Does My Name BOMBARDIER Meaning?
It refers to a good friend or companion. Taken from French, 'Bon' means good and 'par' means equal fellow. A person with a friend like him is a lucky individual for sure!!

14. What Does My Name BRUNDAGE Meaning?
This is a habitational name from Suffolk at Brundish. Its derivative from Old English is "burna" meaning stream and "edisc" meaning pasture.

15. What Does My Name COVINGTON Meaning?
A habitational name that comes from Covinton. It means Scottish when used as a last or surname in Scottish origins. In some other places, it means Columba's Town.

16. What Does My Name MEGAN Meaning?
The Anglo-Saxon name means strong and healthy. Another derivative is sourced from Welsh where the name is derived from Margaret which means 'pearl'.

17. What Does My Name CRIDER Meaning?
A name which has its origins from the old Anglo-Saxon word meaning creek or a small river. It represents a cheerful, friendly and emotional person who is trustworthy.

18. What Does My Name MARIN Meaning?
The name is derived from the Hebrew word "Miryam." It means the sea of sorrow or the sea of bitterness. An alternative meaning in Engish is "mistress of the sea."

19. What Does My Name HUHTA Meaning?
This is a habitational name from a village from Huhta. It is meant to mean glade or forest clearing. That is a forest that has been cleared for the purpose of obtaining farmland.

20. What Does My Name HOISINGTON Meaning?
The name is habitational of which means someone who comes from Horsington. This is a village which was considered to belong to the Horsa's.

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21. What Does My Name MCCLANAHAN Meaning?
This variant name has its roots in Gaelic and refers to a mighty hound. This is a very strong name and brings to mind steadfastness and willpower.

22. What Does My Name ESPOSITO Meaning?
An old Italian dialect uses this name where it has the meaning to 'expose' or reveal in Latin. This is a common name among the Italian families of Europe.

23. What Does My Name ATKIN Meaning?
This is an interesting surname which derives from AD which means red earth where the first man has been created and KIN which is an Old English suffix.

24. What Does My Name MARLAR Meaning?
It means a person who has psychic powers and has a nature that is receptive and has the ability to bear a burden for the sake of others.

25. What Does My Name ARIAS Meaning?
This name means to be powerful and complete. It has an ancient Hebrew and Greek heritage. The people with this name are strong and confident in themselves and their actions.

26. What Does My Name MICHL Meaning?
An ancient name with roots in the Hebrew religion, it asks a rhetorical question, 'Who is like God?'. This is definitely one of the most interesting names I've come across and leaves no doubt about its popularity.

27. What Does My Name MCLEISH Meaning?
This Scottish name has a lot of meaning and has been in use since the medieval era. Its roots are in Gaelic and translate to being the son or a follower of Jesus.

28. What Does My Name BATES Meaning?
This is derived from the medieval times where the original name is Bartholomew. This can also be from the word Bar-Talmay means rich in land.

29. What Does My Name CZAJA Meaning?
Name hints toward a bird named Lapwing and is used to call someone who is thought to resemble it in some way. A very cherishable name for special ones!!

30. What Does My Name LONI Meaning?
It means a young woman who is independent, strong, thoughtful, full of energy, very easy on the eyes and has a hunger for life. A woman with self-drive.

31. What Does My Name HORSEY Meaning?
This is an English habitational name which derives from Horse Island. It came from Norfolk, Somerset and Sussex. From the old English word HORS means hose plus low lying land.

32. What Does My Name BLYTHE Meaning?
is a name that is not common and it is stylish at the same time. It originates from a lovely play by Coward's Blithe. The name means "carefree."

33. What Does My Name EKSTROM Meaning?
This ornamental name has its derivatives in Swedish and has the elements referring to Oak and the River current. A person with this name is fine in harmony and is easy-going with refined features.

34. What Does My Name CLOYD Meaning?
The name Cloyd is an anglicized form of the word Clwyd of which is of Welsh origin. It means a river as a river by the name Clwyd exists in the northeast of Wales.

35. What Does My Name HASTIE Meaning?
The name was originated from the early medieval English. Derives from Middle English word HASTI or Old French HASTIF which means a speed or quick person.

36. What Does My Name DUDERSTADT Meaning?
This is a name having a German origin meaning a person coming from Duderstadt. This is a place in Lower Saxony near Gottingen.

37. What Does My Name HIPWELL Meaning?
A habitational name that originates from North Yorkshire at a place known as Hipswell. The literal meaning being a "spring" or "stream."

38. What Does My Name KNIGHTEN Meaning?
It means a person who originates from Knighton. It also means someone who senses and feels more than they can express or understand.

39. What Does My Name LIBERATORE Meaning?
This is a name of Italian origin derived from the Latin word "Liberator." It means a person with liberty or a person who is free.

40. What Does My Name IVINS Meaning?
It means bow or yew. That is, a weapon that has been generally made out of a special wood originating from the yew tree. It also means a person of idealistic nature.